Developing MIS ERIC reporting module for CNWL NHS Foundation Trust


This project has been initiated to support CNWL NHS FT to improve the processes around collecting, collating and computing estates and finance data to achieve high quality of data reporting to NHS Digital, by implementing automated ERIC Reporting Module supported by existing Management Information System (MIS).

MIS enables a one-stop shop providing quality data on the following areas:

  • Asset Management
  • Space Management and Occupancy Data
  • Compliance
  • Revenue and Capital Costs
  • Capital Projects
  • Life Cycle Forecasts
  • Benchmarking
  • Budgeting & CIP forecasting and management
  • Capital Bid Forms
  • Space Requests
  • New Bids
Image of a dashboard from the ERIC reporting module

Client Requirement

One of the key aims was to develop a system that enabled the platform to compute raw data algorithms reducing risk of human error and saving operational resources. This resulted in dynamic feeds from existing systems such as SBS, Micad, CAFM etc and allowed instant access to the most up to date data available. This avoided misinterpreting definitions and metrics, for example net gross area or double counting of overheads. This also avoided reliance on one individual or organisation to retain corporate history and “own” the data.

Image of a facility map in the ERIC reporting module

Our Approach

The platform now provides a central point of truth which references real data and has eliminated significant redundant data. Ability to provide multiple views to different groups to allow different categories of access to the MIS and assign roles to various stakeholders. It is a simple intuitive route to accessing information and facilitates easy user experience.