Experts in the comprehensive management of strategic estates and facilities 

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We are highly experience and passionate about delivering the best possible estate management and operations services. We offer a wide range of services, from advisory to full operational management solutions, while offering the best value for money.

QTS has over 25 years’ experience delivering projects and manageing the estate and facilities needs of our major NHS Foundation Trust. {MORE RECENT EXPANSION} See how our knowledge and experience can help you.

We know how important the quality of a facility is to those who use it. For patients, staff, carers and visitors, it is of vital importance that they can see and feel the care and dedication that goes into the operation of these facilities. We care because those using our facilites deserve the best.

We deliver award-winning services, and pride ourselves on that high watermark. We are committed to continue providing exceptional products, services and advice.

QTS have a combined (*) years of health sector experience, and decades of commercial/coporate experience, across our dedicated team. Our expertise and dedication mean that when you come to QTS you get quality.